Downtown High School's Spring Exhibition, No Less Than Human

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Downtown High School's spring exhibition, No Less Than Human, would like to share this incredible artwork created for the show by our partners at 826 Valencia. 

Each semester, the students of DHS' Acting for Critical Transformation explore a topic in all their classes and collaborate with A.C.T. and 826 Valencia to create an original production based on their learnings and lived experiences.  

This semester, the students are tackling refugee crises and will perform their original work in the Rueff at the Strand.  These performances are powerfully moving and a great demonstration of how A.C.T.'s Education and Community Programs use theater as a tool for social change.  

Thursday, May 19 at 2:00 & 6:00 PM 

Friday, May 20 at 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM

Directed by Reyna Brown, Robert Coverdell, and Charmaine Shuford and performed virtually via Vimeo livestream. Stage Manager: Kathryn Gubler Producer: Natalie Greene

Additional support from Yareli Arreola, Vivian Sming, Lucy Gosline-Ratliff, 826 Valencia tutors and volunteers, and A.C.T. Education & Community Programs team members Alejandra Maria Rivas, Juan Manzo, and Shannon R. Davis.

Space is limited and please note, that all attendees will be required to wear masks while in the venue and during the performance.