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Dear SFUSD Employee:

We are writing to notify you about an issue that impacts all SFUSD employees who have received wages in 2022. Please read this entire message.

SFUSD is taking immediate steps to resolve an error in which the district did not file three quarterly wage reports with the State in 2022. SFUSD did withhold state taxes from employees and paid them to the state. The district is in the process of filing a final report which identifies the amount of taxes paid by each employee. In the meantime, please note that until this report is filed, tax returns may be impacted. 

What SFUSD Is Doing

Upon discovering this situation, we immediately launched the process of correctly filing the quarterly wage reports with the State Employment Development Department (EDD). The EDD will work with the Franchise Tax Board to process the filing and reconcile it with payments received on behalf of individual employees as reflected in their W-2s. SFUSD is also looking at its other regulatory filings in an effort to ensure all legal requirements are met.

We are investigating the various impacts on employees, depending on whether or not they have filed their tax returns so that we may quickly address issues that arise. We are aware that some employees have been unable to file their tax returns, and some employees were notified that their expected refunds were impacted. 

We will provide you with an update by Monday, March 13, 2023.

What Employees Should Do

Whether or not you have filed your 2022 taxes, be assured that we are working diligently with the appropriate state agencies and we will keep you updated on additional information that we receive.

We are urging employees not to file help tickets regarding this issue as we are aware of it and want to keep the ticket system available for other inquiries. We will be communicating next steps directly with employees.

We are deeply sorry for the stress and concern that this has caused our staff and their families. SFUSD is undertaking accountability measures to ensure this does not happen again. 

Dr. Matt Wayne

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