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As Transitional Kindergarten (TK) expands in SFUSD, EPC staff have identified two policy changes to make the TK assignment process simpler and more responsive to families’ needs:

  1. SY 2024-25: Add the attendance area tiebreaker to TK, so that TK assignments use the same tiebreakers as K-5.
  2. SY 2025-26: Remove the application requirement between TK and kindergarten at the same school site, so that TK students could continue automatically into kindergarten at their same school without having to re-apply.

This spring, staff sought feedback from the community around these potential policy changes:

Between our surveys and focus groups, we heard from more than 400 community members.

Responses were largely supportive of the changes, with more than 75% of families and site leaders supportive of adding the attendance area tiebreaker to the TK application process, and more than 80% of families and site leaders in favor of removing the application between TK and kindergarten at the same school.

For more details about what we heard, please click here to check out the full update on our webpage.

Our next step is to share this information with the Board of Education and ask them to approve the implementation of these changes at their meeting on May 9th. Please join us if you can!

To read more about the specific changes being proposed, check out this list of proposed changes.

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