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Opportunity at Stanford for Parents and Teens

The Stice Lab at Stanford is looking for parents and their daughters to join us for the Teen Health Study! Our study is looking at healthy adolescent development and eating behaviors. We hope the results of the study will inform future eating disorder prevention programs!

If you are a parent with (or without) a history of an eating disorder, and have a healthy 12-16 year-old daughter (without an eating disorder) then we invite you to participate!

During the study, adolescents will be asked to complete interviews, surveys, computer tasks, and one MRI scan (where she will be shown pictures of her brain!!).

If you are interested:

  • We invite you to fill out the interest form! https://redcap.link/thsinterest
  • Your family could receive up to $400 for completion of all study tasks!
  • For questions about participant's rights, please contact 1-866-680-2906

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