School Planning Summit


The School Planning Summit provides the opportunity to work together as a team on your School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) - your academic plan and budget for the 2024-2025 school year.

Key objectives:

  • Highlight key priorities in order to achieve our Vision, Values, Goals and Guardrails
  • Share School Staffing and Budget Plan guidelines that SFUSD will use to determine how staff is allocated to schools for the 2024-2025 school year  
  • Help develop your school’s priorities, plans and resource allocations for next year to best serve your students

Deliverables timeline: 

  • Site budgets are due on March 22nd to the Budget services team
  • SPSA (draft 1) is due by April 5th to the State & Federal Services Team & LEAD

March 2, 2024 School Planning Summit slide decks:

March 2, 2024 School Planning Summit Recording:


2024 Summit Schedule


  • 9:00am - 10:15am: Student Performances and Plenary via Zoom (LINK)
  • 10:15am - 12:30pm: School Planning Process (as determined by school sites)

School Meeting Times

Early Ed & Elementary Schools

SchoolDateTimeZoom Link
AlamoMar 29am-12:30pm
AlvaradoMar 64pm Meeting ID: 286 688 8243 Passcode: alvarado
Argonne EESMar 1111am-12:30pmVirtual
BryantMar 210-11:15am
Carver, GWMar 65pmIn-person
Chavez, Cesar

Mar 7

Mar 12



In-person: Cafeteria

In-person: Cafeteria

Chin, John YehallMar 84:15-5:30pmIn-person
Chinese ImmersionMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Clarendon AltMar 29am-12:30pm




ClevelandMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Cobb, Dr. William Mar 154pmIn-person
Drew, Dr. CharlesMar 62pmIn-person
El DoradoMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Feinstein, DianneMar 29am-12:30pmVirtual
Flynn, LRMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
GarfieldMar 75-6:30pmIn-person
Glen ParkMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
GrattanMar 43:30-6pmIn-person
GuadalupeMar 73-5pmIn-person
Harte, BretTBDTBDIn-person
HillcrestMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Huerta, DoloresMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
JeffersonMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Key, Francis ScottMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
King, StarrMar 29am-12:30pm
LafayetteMar 99am-12:30pmIn-person: School auditorium
Lakeshore AltMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Lau, Gordon J.Mar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Lee, Edwin and Anita   
LongfellowMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Mahler, Theresa EESMar 57:30-9amIn-person
Malcolm X AcademyMar 65-6pmIn-person: Malcolm X Academy Library
MarshallMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
McLaren EESMar 48:30-10amIn-person
McCoppin, FrankMar 29am-12:30pm
McKinleyMar 5  
Milk, HarveyMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
MiralomaMar 29am-12:30pnIn-person
Mission Ed CenterMar 53:30-5:30pmIn-person
MonroeMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Moscone, GeorgeFeb 295-7:30pmIn-person
Muir, JohnMar 43-34pmIn-person
New TraditionsMar 29am-12:30pnIn-person
Noriega EES   
Ortega, JoseMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Parker, JeanMar 63pm
Parks, Rosa/JBBPMar 29am-12:30pm


In-person and


Peabody, GeorgeMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
ReddingMar 42-4pmIn-person: Principal's office
Rodriguez, Zaida T. Early Ed SchoolMar 87:30-9:30In-person
SanchezMar 74:30-5:30pm
Serra, JuniperoMar 54:30pmIn-person: School Library
Serra, Junipeo Annex EED    
SF MontessoriMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
SheridanMar 76pm Meeting ID: 873 1014 0425
ShermanMar 29am-12:30pm
Sloat, CommodoreMar 63:15pm
Spring ValleyMar 63pmIn-person: Library
Stevenson, R.L.Mar 44-6pmIn-person: SSC
Stockton, Commodore EESMar 29am-12:30pm
SunnysideMar 29am-12:30pm Meeting ID: 842 4957 2661
SunsetFeb 27  
SutroMar 210am-12pm
Taylor, E.R.Mar 29am-12:30pm


In-person and 


Tenderloin CommunityMar 910am-1pmIn-person: Tenderloin CS Library
Tule Elk ParkMar 1212-1pm
UlloaMar 46:30pm Or dial: ‪(US) +1 563-447-1510‬ PIN: ‪738 070 707‬# More phone numbers:
Visitacion ValleyMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Webster, Daniel   
West PortalMar 29am-12:30pm
Yick WoMar 29am-12:30pm

K-8 Schools

SchoolDateTimeZoom Link
Alice Fong YuMar 76:30-8pm


In-person: Library


Buena Vista Horace MannFeb 295pmIn-person: Library
Carmichael, BessieMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
LawtonMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
LilienthalMar 29am-12:30pm
Revere, PaulMar 64:30-7pmIn-person
RooftopMar 56pmIn-person
SF CommunityMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person

Middle Schools

SchoolDateTimeZoom Link
AptosMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Brown, WillieMar 43-5pmIn-person
Denman, JamesMar 74:30pmIn-person Room 115
EverettMar 76pmIn-person Everett Library
FranciscoMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
Giannini, A.P.Mar 134-5pmVirtual
Hoover, HerbertMar 75:30-7:30pmIn-person
King, Dr. Martin L.Mar 76:30-8pmIn-person
Lick, JamesMar 65-6:30pmIn-person
MarinaMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
PresidioMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
RooseveltMar 88:45am
Visitacion ValleyMar 75-6:30pm

In-person: Cafeteria

Childcare and pizza will be provided!

High Schools

SchoolDateTimeZoom Link
Asawa School of the ArtsMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
BalboaMar 29am-12:30pm
Burton, Philip & SalaMar 44:30-6:30pmIn-person: Room 204
Civic CenterMar 62:30pmIn-person
DowntownMar 74:30pmIn-person: Room 102
GalileoMar 74-5pmIn-person
HilltopMar 51-1:40pmIn-person: 2nd Floor
IndependenceMar 612:30-2:30pmIn-person
Jordan, JuneMar 74-6pmIn-person
Lincoln, AbrahamMar 64pmIn-person: ALHS Library
LowellMar 44pmIn-person: Room 220
Marshall, ThurgoodMar 29am-12:30pmIn-person
MissionMar 65-7pmIn-person: Mission HS Library
O'Connell, JohnMar 6 In-person
SF InternationalMar 115pmIn-person: Room 205
The Academy SF at McAteerMar 55-6pm
Wallenberg, RaoulMar 29am-12:30pm
Washington, GeorgeMar 29am-12:30pm
Wells, Ida B.Mar 53-4:30pm


In-person: Room 8


Woodside Learning CenterMar 4 In-person

Resources for Community Meetings & Site Planning

Who Should Attend?

Who should attend? 

  • Principals, members of School Site Councils (SSCs) in addition to members of a school’s English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), representatives of SFUSD parent advisory committees (AAPAC, CAC-SPED, DELAC, Indian Ed, MAC, Migrant Ed, Student Advisory Committee), Community Partners and parents/caregivers of our focal student populations, specifically those of our:
    • American Indian students
    • African American/Black students
    • Foster Youth
    • Homeless Youth
    • English Language Learners
    • Latinx students
    • Low socio- economic status students
    • Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander students 
    • Students w/ IEPs

Talk to your school's principal about how you can participate!

What to Expect (the School Planning Process)

Step 1: 

  • Anchor in your SSC community agreements/norms. Take a moment to review and discuss these Data Norms & Pitfalls (National Equity Project) before jumping right into data analysis and action planning.


Step 2: 

  • Review your goals as outlined in your 2023-2024 SPSA (2023-24 SPSA folder). Determine which goal you will review in alignment with our district’s Goals and Guardrails:  Literacy, Math, College & Career Readiness, Serving the Whole Child- Attendance data & Sense of Belonging data. 


Step 3: Reflection with your SSC:

  • General Questions for Reflection:
    • How would you describe the overall performance of students? 
    • Are there any noticeable trends or patterns in the data?
    • What other data sources can we look at to determine student progress?
    • How does the current performance compare to previous periods or benchmarks?
    • Are there any significant changes that need attention?
  • Student Engagement:
    • What indicators suggest student engagement or disengagement?
    • Are there strategies to enhance student engagement based on the data?
    • What opportunities exist for students to reflect on their own progress?
  • Focal Student Progress Monitoring (American Indian students, African American/Black students, Foster/Homeless Youth, Multi Language Learners/Long Term English Language Learners, Latinx students, Low socio- economic status students, Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander students , Students w/ IEPs):
    • What can you observe about the progress of our focal student populations? 
    • Are there notable improvements or declines in performance for specific students?
  • Interventions:
    • What interventions or support systems are in place for struggling students?
    • Are these interventions proving effective based on the data?
  • Future Planning:
    • What insights can inform future lesson planning and curriculum adjustments?
    • Are there areas where additional resources or professional development are warranted?

Step 4: Determine Priorities and Set Goals

  • Based on your school's data, set goals and identify priorities for the next school year. What are the programs, services, and other resources your school wants to focus on to reach these goals?
  • Beginning in mid-February, look at how the initial school budget allocations can best support these goals and priorities.

Additional Resources:

Family Partnership Tool Kits

SFUSD's Family Partnership Toolkit includes checklists, tips and facilitation guides related to Leadership, Governance and Site Planning. School, family and community members are encouraged to make use of these resources in the weeks leading up to the Summit event - and throughout the year.

School Site Councils 101

School Site Council page

Find general information about School Site Councils, an important leadership team for each school.  

Guides to Budgets & School Plan for Student Achievement

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