Neighborhood Nature and ESC Extensions

Neighborhood Nature

Neighborhood Nature is a video series from the Naturalists at the SFUSD Environmental Science Center at Fort Funston. Created for SF Loves Learning.

SF Loves Learning is a one-hour educational television show created by SFUSD in partnership with KTVU, especially for PreK-2nd grade students in San Francisco. 

Watch our episodes below or find them on our Science Department YouTube channel 

Scientific Sketching

Scientific sketching is a way for anyone to practice using their observation skills by recording a sketch of something that they found in their environment.  You don't have to be good at drawing to create a scientific sketch. Watch our videos on making your own science notebook and how to create a scientific sketch.


  1. Make your own science notebook 
  2. Prep for scientific sketching 
  3. How to make a scientific sketch

Leaf Identification

Increase your classes observation and identification skills!

Before heading on trail, get your students excited about San Francisco Biodiversity! This lesson hopes to engage their shape and color identification skills while increasing their confidence in trail and in their local park system. Interested in this activity? Request the laminated sheet cards from a naturalist or use the digital copy in the lesson plan!

This page was last updated on February 19, 2024