Climate Action

Climate Action Resources and Opportunities

Global Climate Action Now artwork by Kyle Trefny, Ruth Asawa SOTA ‘20

Community Based Partners: Field Trips and More!

SFUSD celebrates the vast array of local partners who offer programming to our students through field studies, guest presentations, virtual workshops, and supplemental curriculum to transform learning and use the city as our classroom. 

Check out these databases to connect with local partners for field studies: 

Logos for CAELI and Park Youth

Or build a relationship in person (or Zoom!) with these partners for a single-visit or a long term partnership!

  • Y-PLAN: collaborate with civic leaders to tackle real-world problems in our students’ communities


Y Plan logo
  • Mycelium Youth Network: partner with a team dedicated to growing visionary leaders and budding environmentalists
Logo of Mycelium Youth Network
  • Youth vs. Apocalypse: invite a young, Bay Area climate activist to present to your students about climate justice.


Youth vs Apocalypse Logo


Green Action logo

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