Sunset STEAM Program

The Sunset Elementary STEAM program integrates Artistic practices and Technology into the teaching of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM with an A!). Through collaborative exploration, students build the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to stay current in the 21st century.


2 students look at a chromebook while touching tin foil and a fork. The foil and fork are attached to wires that are attached to the computer. They are using what is called a Makey Makey to learn what conducts electricity
Design challenges, model building, coding, robotics, and more enrich the core curriculum and help students unleash their creativity. Computer literacy, digital citizenship and computational thinking are taught through interactive unplugged and plugged lessons. A makerspace allows students to freely explore material, design, tinker, build, collaborate, and showcase work while learning core curriculum concepts.

Two students look into an iPad and take a picture of a plant. They are using the program Seesaw in the school learning garden.
Additionally, the learning garden provides rich opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of the life and earth sciences, through hands-on activities and experiments. Life cycles, adaptations, soil, biodiversity and landforms are just a few of the topics investigated in the learning garden. The plants are maintained by the students, with the help of parents and staff, and harvesting and cooking and are a mainstay of the program.

Our school community enjoys several science-oriented events, such as STEAM night, Water Week, a Garden-to-Table dinner, and the Environmental Fair, which brings teachers and community-based organizations together to present hands-on activities and learning stations for students.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer during their child’s weekly STEAM class. Please let your homeroom teacher know if you are interested.


STEAM Indoors and Outdoors

Students build a model bridge together

Students code a small robot together

Students doing a Dancing Rice STEAM project

Students work on a STEAM activity together

Students listen during STEAM in the garden

Students adding soil to containers for STEAM

Tables in the STEAM garden

STEAM garden

STEAM garden boxes

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