Eating Meals at Sunset Elementary

Eating Meals

  • Schools will provide free lunch. Students may bring food from home, but cannot share it. Free breakfast and supper are also available before or after school. 
  • School lunch will be eaten outside in the school yard. During rainy days, lunch will be eaten in the classroom. 
  • Students are asked to bring a water bottle to school. 
  • Eating and drinking is the only time students can remove their masks.
  • When not wearing a mask, students need to place their face masks on a clean paper towel or in their pocket.
  • For more information and to see the menu, visit

School Meal Menus

All menus for school meals are available at Menus will be posted 1 week at a time. For more information on school meals, how to access the menus, or other help, please follow this link to the SFUSD Nutrition page.