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Administrator positions include Principals, Assistant Principals, and other Central Office positions that require an administrative credential. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, as well as an opportunity to clear your admin credential!

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Administrators with preliminary credential holders get to clear their administrative credential through TLEE as part of being employed in SFUSD.

TLEE is a leadership development induction program for new SFUSD administrators. It is imperative that we hire, train, support, and sustain a school leadership force that has the right skills to transform San Francisco’s schools into places where all students are loved, feel like they belong, and achieve.

There are three strands within TLEE:

TLEE--Assistant Principals TLEE--Principals TLEE--Central Office
This is a 2-year program. In each year, leaders learn and develop a community during an annual summer retreat, monthly professional development, and 1:1 leadership coaching with a trained leadership coach.​

This is a 3-year program. During the first two years, leaders learn and develop a community during an annual summer retreat, monthly professional development, and 1:1 leadership coaching with a trained leadership coach. During the third year, leaders continue to receive 1:1 leadership coaching.​


This is a 1-year program consisting of a summer retreat and monthly professional development.​

The TLEE Assistant Principal and Principal strands are both Clear Administrative Services Credential programs. To learn more about TLEE, please view the program description flyer through the following link: TLEE Program Description or watch an introductory video about TLEE.

Admissions and Eligibility

Principals and Assistant Principals who are new to their leadership role and Clear Admin Services Credential seeking candidates who serve in a site leadership position are automatically enrolled in TLEE. Principals new to SFUSD, who already possess a Clear Admin Services Credential, but are not new to the role, are eligible to participate in the program but may not be required to participate---that decision will be made by the Assistant Superintendent, the principal, and the Director of TLEE.

After 2 years of successful participation in the program, credential seeking applicants will receive notice of their completion and a letter of recommendation for the Clear Administrative Services Credential will be sent to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) by  SFUSD Human Resources credential analysts. Additionally, all leaders who have successfully completed the program, whether credentialed or not, are awarded a TLEE letter of program completion.

Program Requirements

All participating leaders must participate in:

  • An annual summer retreat (3-day institute for Principals and Assistant Principals in year one, 2-day institute for Principals and Assistant Principals in year two),   
  • A monthly professional development session (8 hours/month/annual)
  • 1:1 leadership coaching with a trained leadership coach (40 hours annually)

NOTE: Principals in year three participate only in monthly coaching, (two 90-minute sessions a month.)

To complete the program, leaders must achieve a score of “growing” or “thriving” in all TLEE program growth and impact measures.


Competencies, Coursework, and Fieldwork

TLEE’s purpose in the short term is to…

  • create intentional networks of support, especially for new BIPOC leaders
  • develop leader skill in each of the 11 Essential Leadership Priorities (ELPs)
  • expand leader equity consciousness, mindset and tools for interruption


TLEE’s purpose in the long term is to…

  • create a common foundation of leadership skills, understanding of quality instruction, and equity consciousness amongst leaders across SFUSD
  • support retention of transformational leaders, especially BIPOC leaders
  • contribute to closing the racialized opportunity gap in SFUSD


To fulfill these purposes, the program...

  • teaches skill-development related to the Eleven Essential Leadership Priorities during monthly professional development
  • supports their resilience and social support as new leaders through intentional cohortization with other new leaders
  • coaches new leaders to apply and implement new or deepened skills during bi-weekly on-site coaching sessions
  • assesses new leaders’ skill development and application throughout the year during frequent observations of leaders' practice at their schools

All coursework and coaching are mapped to the Eleven Essential Leadership Priorities (aligned with the CPSELs)

Eleven Essential Leadership Priorities
Social Justice Leadership Instructional Leadership Operational Leadership Inclusive/Facilitative Leadership
Develop and communicate a vision focused on students, equity, and excellence with a specific focus on African-American, Latino, and English Learner students and students with disabilities Demonstrate foundational knowledge of learning standards and aligned, culturally responsive pedagogy Build, monitor, and improve systems and structures for school operation Build and maintain habits of reflection on practice
Act with cultural competence and responsiveness in interactions, decision making, and practice Observe instruction and provide actionable feedback Recruit, hire, support, develop, and retain effective, culturally-conscious, and caring educators Lead and make shared decisions aligned with vision, core values, needs and goals
Use continuous improvement strategies to achieve the school’s equity vision Design and lead adult learning focused on equitable outcomes for all students   Build and maintain relationships to promote trust and advance school vision and goals


TLEE is currently implementing a modified scope and sequence of learning activities during remote school.

This page was last updated on September 8, 2023