Labor Contracts, MOUs, and Salary Schedules

UESF Certificated Contract

Covering Teachers (PreK-12), Social Workers, Nurses, Psychologist, Counselors, Day to Day Substitutes, etc)

UESF Classified Contract

Covering Paraprofessionals-Paraeducators, Security Guards, Substitutes, etc.

UASF Administrator Contract

Covering Principals, Assistant Principals or Vice Principals, Supervisors, & Program Administrators, etc)

SEIU Contract

Covering Secretaries, Warehouse Workers, Cafeteria Workers, Custodians, Personnel Clerks, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Analyst, etc.

IFPTE Contract

Covering Architects, Engineers, IT, Purchasing, Programmer Analyst, Business Analyst, Public Information Officer, Accountants, Statistician, Occupational Therapist, Industrial Hygienist, Building Inspectors, etc.


Covering Electrical Workers


Covering Stationary Engineers

Crafts Contract

Covering Glaziers, Iron Workers, Roofers and Waterproofers, Carpenters and Locksmith, Painters, sheet metal workers, plumbers, gardeners and laborers, truck drivers, auto machinists, etc.