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SFUSD Continuity of Learning

Vision and Definitions

SFUSD remains committed to our mission--that every day, we provide each and every student the quality instruction and equitable support necessary to succeed in the 21st century. We hold awareness of how factors of difference affect families’ and students’ access to digital resources and we are committed to universal access as we provide instruction during the school district closure. To that end, our approach ensures that every student has the instructional materials they need to make academic progress.

SFUSD Definition of Distance Learning:

Students engage in learning and make academic progress when they are not physically present in schools. This is accomplished using a variety of digital and print resources, and differentiated modes of interaction with teachers (and peers, when possible). How teachers engage students in distance learning is informed by the student’s access to technology and the internet. 

SFUSD’s Distance Learning Approach:

  • Digital Distance Approach
    • Teachers engage students digitally when we have confirmation that a student has a device and internet access in their home. 
    • With this confirmation, the teacher interacts with the student using digital resources (Google Classroom, Zoom, etc.) 
    • Students submit work electronically or as directed by their teachers.
  • Print-Based Distance Approach
    • If a student does not have a device or internet access, the teacher engages that student in print-based learning (text books, work packets, etc.)  
    • Teachers make group or individual calls (typically phone calls) to students to teach and check in on work. 
    • Students submit work at designated check-points or at the end of the closure as directed by their teachers.

SFUSD Central Offices will support teachers with content and delivery of distance learning.

This information may evolve and will be updated on the Continuity of Learning website.