Teen Clinics

Teen Clinics

The Galileo Wellness Center can help you make a confidential clinic appointment. If you want help making an appointment please fill out a student self-referral form, or reach out by contacting us.

Please check below for current open teen clinics, services offered and other relevant information! 

What services can you get a teen clinic?

Clinics can offer teens confidential (private) care & support including:
  • Pregnancy testing and counseling

  • Emergency Contraception – “The Morning After Pill” or Plan B

  • Birth control

  • Free condoms

  • STD testing and treatment

  • HIV testing and counseling

  • Annual pelvic exams and pap smears for women

  • Testicular exams for men

  • Health information

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If you are under 18, you have rights!


Want to know more about your rights to medical care as someone under 18?

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Not sure how to get to a clinic on MUNI?

Click below to direct you to google maps where you can put in your address and the clinics address and see what are the best ways to get there! 

Young women share their experiences with different birth control methods, including IUDs, the implant, shot, pill, ring, patch, condoms, and emergency contraception.



Video Credit: UCSF