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ALL students are eligible for a free breakfast and lunch each day.  Please talk with your child and look over the menu each week so they know if and when they will be requesting a meal.  Note: Menus are subject to change for a variety of reasons.

Please fill out the Multi-Purpose Income form!  Even though school meals are free, filling out the Multipurpose Family Income Form helps secure funds for your school. And, if you qualify, you’ll be eligible for numerous benefits.

Grattan, and all schools, strive for 100% community participation!  Even if you do not feel you qualify for benefits, please fill out the form.

MFIF Impact Beyond School Meals

  1. Help secure essential funding for your school, like support for teachers and school supplies
  2. Receive discounted utilities like internet for your home
  3. Become eligible for after-school programs and SAT fee waivers
  4. Receive benefits regardless of citizenship status

You can apply for the new school year on!


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