Bulletin No 14- MEC

Principal's Message

Dear Families,

I hope this finds you well and  that you are staying safe from Covid!

It is hard to believe that next week will be February already. This is a fun month for us. This week we celebrate the 100th day of school! Wow! I am sure there will be several fun activities in the classrooms to celebrate this milestone. 

I would like to remind you to check our school calendar for parent activities or speak with Ms. Adelina. We have a lot of opportunities to learn and to meet other MEC parents.

Next week we will be celebrating the Lunar New Year with Monday and Tuesday off. Please be sure your child is reading every day for at least every day for 20 minutes!

Have a wonderful week! Stay safe.


Ms. Vasquez

Rapid COVID-19 tests

The School District provided Rapid COVID-19 tests through the state of California. Mission Education Center is in the process of distributing these test boxes to each student. Some students have already received test boxes, and the rest will be distributed this week. Please look in your student's backpack for their test box.

Each box contains 2 COVID-19 tests that can be performed at home when needed.

When should I get tested?

  • If your student gets sick with symptoms (like cough and fever, sore throat, etc.), STAY HOME and use your tests to see if it is COVID-19.

  • If your student is exposed to someone with COVID-19, STAY HOME if they are unvaccinated or develop symptoms, and use the test at the right time (check with the school if you have questions about when to test after an exposure).

  • If you need a negative test to return to school.

Family Culture Climate Survey 4to & 5th grade

SFUSD has adopted a Family Survey as an instrument to help schools understand how we can improve our quality in our service by looking at student academic performance, social emotional skills, and school climate. We need all our families to participate in order to hear every family's voice. This survey will start on February.   More information is coming!

This page was last updated on August 30, 2022