Academy of Engineering

Academy of Engineering Overview

The Academy of Engineering seeks to develop students in a manner that is highly engaging and uses hands-on, project-based, contextualized curriculum as a vehicle to promote our students' success. Most importantly students use evolving technologies to reinforce and apply math and science concepts and research skills to solve real world challenges. In doing so, students acquire the key elements and skills of creativity and teamwork essential for engineering and technology-based careers.

Our Engineering Academy combines academic learning with an engineering theme for students who want to explore a career in engineering or a related field. Partnerships with employers and educational institutions provide students with internships, hands-on learning experienced, new skills, and an awareness of what a career in engineering has to offer. Students learn relevant computer design programs and build community learning projects.


Courses Offered

Introduction to Engineering Design

Using computer modeling software, students learn the process of product design. They solve design problems as they develop, create, and analyze product models.

Principles of Engineering

Students explore technology systems and manufacturing processes to find out how math, science, and technology
help people.

Digital Electronics

Students use computer simulations to learn about the logic of electronics as they design, test, and actually construct circuits and devices.

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