Academy of Health Sciences

Academy of Health Sciences Overview

The Burton High School Academy of Health Science provides an interdisciplinary academic program to invigorate students in their pursuit to successfully complete the coursework required for college/university matriculation. By providing students with real-world experiences, our inspired student leaders perform a vital role
to the health care industry.

Courses Offered

Health Sciences 1

Students enrolled in this course will be introduced to academic foundations for health science. The course will focus on medical terminology, the human body, current health care issues, community interaction, and scientific research.

Health Science 2

Students enrolled in this course will have the opportunity to explore a broad range of health science careers that are available to them in addition to building upon the academic foundation in year one. The course will focus on career clusters and employability skills while proving for an internship position in the summer.

Health Science 3

Students in this course focus on basic concepts in molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, and forensics. Students gain an understanding of how these concepts are applied in the biotechnology industry and how these applications affect society. The course offers students the opportunity to simultaneously master laboratory techniques in the biotechnology industry and field techniques in forensic science while using critical thinking, communications, technical reading, writing skills, and teamwork.

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