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All seniors will receive an email to their SFUSD email accounts on Friday, May 5, 2023 that includes information on how to request final transcripts to be sent to colleges/universities. In addition, students will receive an email directly from Parchment that will include the link to register for an account. Students must use that link to register and request final transcripts.

To complete your account and order transcripts:

  • Must be a currently enrolled SFUSD student in grade 12.
  • All currently enrolled 12th grade students will receive an email from Parchment on May 5th with a registration link.
  • Students should use the registration link when creating an account or you may lose the two fee waivers.  


Select where you would like your transcript to be sent:

  • Select the college/university you plan to attend in the fall as well as colleges you are on the waitlist for and have them sent electronically. 

  • You do not need to send transcripts to 2 year colleges and/or community colleges (this includes CCSF)

  • Please note that Parchment is sending up to 2 electronic transcripts for free. If you need more than 2 transcripts you can order them for a fee. If your college/university requires you to mail your transcripts (not send electronically), there is a fee for mailing that is required to process the order. Hardcopy print & mail:  USPS Domestic: $2.75  USPS International: $5.50

** If you have any questions or concerns regarding the mailing of a transcript contact the transcript office directly at


For full instructions and information, please read this handout

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