School Wide Learning Outcomes

Academic Achievers

  • Understand that all subjects are inter-related and connected to the real world
  • Meet or exceed state and district academic standards
  • Recognize and produce work of high quality
  • Self-advocate for themselves and seek educational challenges

Effective Communicators

  • Articulate ideas and experiences confidently and creatively
  • Write coherently for diverse purposes, audiences and contexts
  • Collaborate effectively as team members and leaders
  • Express themselves through the arts

Complex Thinkers

  • Read and listen in order to acquire, analyze, evaluate and synthesize information
  • Ask critical questions, generate hypotheses, explore multiple perspectives and pursue answers through research, experimentation and/or computation
  • Critically evaluate the arts, media and technology

Community Participants

  • Demonstrate active civic involvement and social responsibility
  • Contribute time, energy and talents to their school and community
  • Respect and value diverse cultures and individual differences
  • Protect the environment through personal habits and active service

Productive Graduates

  • Take responsibility for self-organization, self-evaluation and self-control
  • Demonstrate skills of reflection, personal integrity, and perseverance
  • Demonstrate the ability to set, plan, and achieve college, career and personal goals
  • Lead a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle

This page was last updated on May 13, 2019