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Student Council Constitution

ASB Officers 2023-24

President: Selena Miranda

Vice President: Chinguubayar Batnyam

Secretary: Matthew Wong

Treasurer: Samuel Chen

Equity Officer: Nic Cabugos


Class of 2024

President: Steven Wu

Vice President: Melanie Dai

Secretary: Priscilla Su

Treasurer: Emily Ha

Equity Officer: Angel Li


Class of 2025

President: Samantha Chu

Vice President: Kayla Wai

Secretary: Madeline Fong

Treasurer: Jeanie Chan

Equity Officer: Christian Ly


Class of 2026

President: MJ Cheung

Vice President: Artemis Stahl


Treasurer: Chinglam Fang

Equity Officer: 

Job Duties

Here is what is expected of each position:

  1. President: Leader of the class, main representative for the class for school wide decisions. 
  2. Vice President: assistant to the president and fulfills duties and responsibilities the president cannot not fulfill
  3. Secretary: Responsible for communication between the class, student government, teachers, and administration 
  4. Treasurer: Responsible for keeping track of money raised from fundraising
  5. Equity Officer: Responsible for making sure EVERY student voice is heard and that all decisions the student government makes is in the best interests for every student. 

This page was last updated on August 24, 2023