ParentVUE/Synergy is a valuable way for teachers to communicate with the parent community. Students can be more successful if parents and caregivers are informed and in the loop. Synergy will allow a parent to use a single login to follow their student the entire time the student is enrolled in San Francisco public schools; from the beginning of kindergarten through the end of high school.

If you have not registered in ParentVue yet, you must first have a ParentVUE activation key for your child. Please contact your student's counselor, see the bottom of the page, if you do not have one.

For more information:

  1. ParentVue Information
  2. ParentVue Activation Support


Last Names A-Leh
Counselor: Alexander Moore (

Last Names Lei-Z & AVID
Counselor: Kaitlyn Baillie (

Phone: 415-749-3469 x 3118

This page was last updated on August 22, 2023