Want to meet with your Counselor?

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Counselors will be available for meetings by request from 8am to 3:30pm. We can discuss  academic support, credit recovery, college applications, 4 year plans, access to resources, if you need someone to talk to, etc.

Please indicate how you would like to meet (In-person, Zoom, or phone conference), and share some dates/times that work best for you. As we receive your requests your counselor will send information with your schedule appointment - make sure to check your email for meeting confirmation and details.

Need help with financial aid?

"The FAFSA/Dream Act deadline is 3/2/2022. Winter break would be an excellent opportunity to complete the FAFSA. Some students have already completed the application and were offered aid money, congratulations! Don't miss the opportunity to receive free money from the federal government to pay for college. 


Come to Cash for College on January 19th 6-8pm in the library OR on Zoom!

Learn how to fill out your financial aid application (FAFSA or CA Dream Act) for the 2022-2023 school year! JCYC will guide you through the process & help you answer any questions.

Please bring the following items:

  1. 2020 Federal Income Tax Return(s)
  2. Social Security Number (SSN) and Green Card Number for students and parents, if applicable
  3. Month and year when parents married, separated, or divorced
  4. W2's or other income forms (Disability, Social Security, Child Support or any untaxed income)
  5. Current bank statements
  6. Records of businesses, farms, or other real estate
  7. Records of stocks, bonds, and other investments

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Virtual Financial Aid Help Events

uAspire hosts free virtual events to walk students and families through the financial aid process and applications, provide resources and guidance, and answer questions.
Sign up HERE for Affording College 101, FAFSA Walkthrough, and CSS Profile Walkthrough today! Each session is one hour.