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Clubs for 2022-2023 School Year

Weight lifting Club- Mr. Dilts

BSU- Tiffany RNC

GSA- Harris, Rodgers, Koch

Chinese student association- Ms. Carlson

Hella Hungry Club- Edwin RNC

Latinx/a/o Studen Union- Gabby Del Rosario Gomez

Mock Trial- Mr. Bromfield

KPOP- Mr. Barkemeyer

Charity Club- Ms. Sutton

Wallenberg Assisting Shelters- Mr.

Chinese language and culture club- Ms. Lam

Animation/Art Club/Novel- Ms. Mosquera

Girls who Code- Mr. King

Knitting Club- Mr. Hollander

Smash Club- Mr. Dilts

Wallenberg EECS- Ms. Dale

Garden Club- Ms. Trahan

ARK- Acts of Random Kindness- Mr.

Hearts in Motion- Mr. Barkemeyer


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This page was last updated on May 5, 2023