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Animal Environmental Advocacy

Club Contact: Zuni Ruth   Advisor: Ms.Dale
Meeting Date/Time:  Every other Wednesdays Location: RM204
Description:  Advocating for and raising awareness for animal and environmental issues


ARK Club

Club Contact:  Stephanie Huang  Advisor: Mr. Laupheimer
Meeting Date/Time:  First Tuesdays of the Month Location: RM119
Description:  Our club helps our school create a closer community by spreading positivity and friendly activities.


Art Club

Club Contact:  Estelle Babus  Advisor: Ms. Stuart
Meeting Date/Time:  Once a month on Tuesdays Location: RM201
Description:  We do arts and crafts projects for fun and also focused around seasons/holidays.


Asian Club

Club Contact:    Advisor: Ms. Murillo
Meeting Date/Time:  Wednesdays at Lunch Location: RM107
Description: Volunteer at the Chinese New Year Parade


Black Student Union

Club Contact:   Advisor: Ta'ja
Meeting Date/Time: Thursday during Lunch Location:  RM208


Bring Change to Mind

Club Contact: Winnie Yu   Advisor: Ms. Carson  
Meeting Date/Time: Monthly Location: RM101
Description: Bring Change to Mind’s High School Program gives teens a platform to share their voices and raise awareness around mental health. Our goal is to empower students to educate one another, and their communities, and to create a culture of peer support within their schools. Together, we’ll fight the stigma around mental illness.



Club Contact:  Audrey Mac Advisor: Ms. Carlson
Meeting Date/Time:  Every 3rd Wednesday Location: RM101
Description: We strive to strengthen the Chinese-American community at school. CSA aims to provide Chinese-American students with connections to volunteering, scholarship, and career advancement opportunities; in addition, the Chinese Student Association will promote student leadership and community engagement.


Chess Club

Club Contact:  Christopher Hayes Advisor: Ms. Efland
Meeting Date/Time:  Every Friday 4pm - 5pm  Location: RM211
Description: Playing chess


Chinese Language and Culture Club

Club Contact:  Eunice Lin Advisor: Ms. Efland
Meeting Date/Time:  Thursdays during Lunch  Location: RM211
Description: Learning Chinese culture , provide AP Chinese advice and Practice and provide Chinese homework help


Drama Club

Club Contact:  Olivia Ng Advisor: Mr. Laupheimer
Meeting Date/Time:  Tuesdays after school Location: RM117
Description: Acting/improv, costume design, stage setup, musical theatre



Club Contact:  Rocco Rios  Advisor: Mr. Barkemeyer 
Meeting Date/Time:  Location: 
Description: Playing games and discussing anime



Club Contact:  Advisor: Ms. Segal
Meeting Date/Time:  Thursdays during Lunch Location: Auditorium
Description:   This is an identity club that seeks to create a safe space for students who identify on the LGBTQIAQP+ spectrum. We also aim to create visibility and understanding in the greater Wallenberg community.


Heart In Motion

Club Contact:  Jolie Chui or Hendson Hwang Advisor: Mr. Barkemeyer
Meeting Date/Time:  Monthly Location: RM215
Description: A non-profit, student-led volunteer organization.


Hella Hungry (a.k.a Cooking Club)

Club Leader: Advisor: Ta'ja
Meeting Date/Time:  Wednesdays after school Location: RM109



Club Contact:    Advisor: Ta'ja
Meeting Date/Time: Thursdays after school (4:00pm - 4:45pm)  Location:  Conference Room


Knitting Club

Club Contact:   Jolie Chui   Advisor: Mr. Hollander
Meeting Date/Time:  Once a week Location:  Library
Description: To learn how to knit and crochet and just have a quiet safe place for people to relax.



Club Contact:    Skyler Guan  Advisor: Mr. Sunada 
Meeting Date/Time: Wednesdays after school (1:40pm - 2:30pm) Location: RM213
Description: Appreciating Korean Culture


LatinX Club

Club Contact:     Advisor: Ta'ja
Meeting Date/Time: Tuesdays during lunch Location:  A202
Description:  Get to know outback latinX community and roots


Politics Club

Club Contact:  Shada Dubaie  Advisor: Mr. Bromfield 
Meeting Date/Time:  Every other Tuesday during Lunch Location: RM209 
Description: past - current political events to discuss/debate!


Queer Book Club

Club Contact:  Tilly Elder  Advisor: Ms. Martinez 
Meeting Date/Time:   Location:  
Description: Creating a book club specifically to read books with queer representation


Red Cross

Club Contact:  Charlize Ly  Advisor: Ms. Wen 
Meeting Date/Time: Second Tuesday of every Month Location: RM A201
Description: Gain volunteer hours and help the community


Smash Club

Club Contact:  Ethan Cho  Advisor: Mr. Dilts 
Meeting Date/Time:  Every Tuesday and Thursday at Lunch  Location: RM113 
Description: Group that meets twice a week to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate


Wallenberg Assisting Shelters

Club Contact:   Sophia Won   Advisor: Mr. Barkemeyer
Meeting Date/Time: Monthly Location:  RM215
Description: Raising money, awareness, and creating change for San Francisco’s homeless population through our members selling food, getting involved, and educating others in our community.


Weightlifting Club

Club Leader:  Hayden To  Advisor: Mr. Dilts
Meeting Date/Time: After school Location:  Lower Yard
Description:  Our club is about strength and conditioning. (Exercise Science)



Club Contact:   Edwin Jian   Advisor: Ms. Wen
Meeting Date/Time: Twice a month on Friday at Lunch Location:  RM A201
Description: This club is part of a bigger network of clubs, under the name YCE, which is a subgroupof CYC. We go around volunteering in neighborhoods, such as teaching seniors how to use electronic devices, and setting up for events.


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