Stop, Drop and Go

Stop, Drop and Go!



Dear Rosa Parks Stop Drop and Go Families

Stop, Drop & Go Map

Above is a map of the ideal morning traffic we appreciate for the ease of traffic and safety. 


This flier is to outline the duties of participation and help envision what we are needing from volunteers in order to work together. We cannot have student volunteers without the adults and wish to establish a regular flow of volunteers. Your offered time and energy is very much appreciated!


 Signing up is easy! 

Go to the calendar at 


Email with your name and available dates, 


Fill in paper volunteer forms with the teachers and return it to the office or your classroom teacher.


Mornings at 7:30am we will meet at the corner of Hollis and Ellis streets, Ms.Rosalyn (or Mr.Ron) will be there to offer a visible vest and situate each volunteer.


  • The duties are generally to move along traffic, each volunteer will act as a station to open doors. 

  • Assist children seated on the streetside of the car, please accompany them to the curb.

  • When there is a backup during a drop off, feel free to help the cars behind know when it is clear to pass.

  • If a newer or unsure child needs accompaniment, assist them into the yard, to the right place or guide.


Remember to: 

Step away from approaching vehicles and wait until they stop.

Bring your own gloves and/or face mask for your own protection as well as others. 

Enjoy yourself as well as keep a lookout.


The Stop, Drop and Go assignments cycle as follows, 4th and 5th Grades, 3rd Grades, 2nd Grades, 1st and TK Grades and finally Kindergarten Families.

Please sign up for any days that you are available to help:


Can't make it on any of these days? Please let us know any other date(s) that you are available!

This page was last updated on August 31, 2022