STEAM Program


STEAM is an innovative framework for teaching sciences and technology. STEAM nurtures 21st-century skills through teamwork and student-focused problem-solving. It develops active learners, exploring future careers and interests using students' creativity.  

STEAM Program Activity Photo

At Rosa Parks, STEAM is implemented in the General Education program through classroom activities, school events, field trips, and in our Maker's Lab. Every GE class comes to the lab once a week to engage in different projects. The lab is a unique feature of Rosa Parks program, which is equipped with shelf-full of hands-on STEAM projects.  

We have many external collaborators, such as Exploratorium and the California Academy of Sciences. Salesforce volunteers also come to Rosa Parks and worked with students for our Maker Fair.

As an example of STEAM field trips, students went to the Creativity Museum (claymation), where they integrated their narrative writing skills into storyboard format (Language Art), visualizing and sketching characters (LA/Art), transferring 2D sketches into 3D clay figures (art/design/science), and ultimately creating a digital claymation film using stop animation cameras (technology/engineering/math/art, etc.), building collaboration skills throughout the process.

Students love these field trips and activities! The most important learning happens when students are actually having fun and engaged in the activities they like to do, and that is what STEAM provides.

This page was last updated on December 6, 2023