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Resources for Educators

Educators! get resources for supporting wellness in your classroom in respectful and culturally appropriate ways.


Create a Health Positive Environment

Check below for ways you can help your classroom be health positive.

Teach Health in Your Classroom

It's important and required that health is taught at all levels. Elementary teachers are required to teach 20 lessons each year.

Please see the Health Education pages for more information.


Allow students to have their full recess

Students need time to exercise their bodies, regardless of behavior or academic issues

Model healthy eating and drinking in class

We may not all be perfect models of health, but when in front of students, let's show our best. Drink water, eat fruit, and give other models of health positive behavior.

Provide opportunities for physical movement

Physical breaks are a great way to promote movement and give your students brief fun activity.

Honor students choices

Students don't always make healthy choices. However, each student has a right to make their own choices. Our role is to encourage and model healthy eating without putting people down for other choices.