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Educators, get resources for supporting wellness in your classroom in respectful and culturally appropriate ways. Find resources for staff wellness.

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Staff Wellness


Keep Yourself Healthy

Create Your Plan

Answer a wellness questionnaire and identify your own level of health; fill out a self-care worksheet; and create your personal wellness plan; follow links to find out more.

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Questionnaire - Download the Questionnaire in pdf format.

How Do You Define “Good Health” (self-assessment)


    • Do you get enough sleep at night? 

      YES / NO 
    • Do you regularly participate in physical activity? 

      YES / NO
    • Do you eat healthy meals with lots of vegetables and fruits on a regular basis?

      YES / NO   
    • Do you have good ways to eliminate stress such as laughing and taking deep breaths?  

      YES / NO   
    • Do you have enough time for friends, family, important fun activities, and/or yourself? 
      YES / NO                                                                        
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    Self-Care WorksheetDownload the Worksheet in pdf format.

    De-Stress Your School Day
    Complete the worksheet by including activities you can do for yourself before, during and after work to de-stress your school day. 

    • Take a walk around the block.
    • Have cut up fruit ready for a quick snack.
    • Take a stretch break.
    • Sit down at lunch and check in with a colleague.

    Before School:

    During School:

    In Class: ______________________________________________________________
    _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

    During Recess: ________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

    At Lunch: ______________________________________________________________

    After work:

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    Action Plan - Download the Planner in pdf format.


      1. Look at your completed Self-Care Worksheet for ideas
      2. Review your Wellness Questionnaire and anywhere you have answered No, use that section as a starting point for completing steps 3 – 5.
      3. Select 1 to 7 different places where you can begin to make one small self-care change. 
      4. Be honest with yourself. Pick an activity that you are sincerely willing to try, even if it sounds strange to you. For example:
        • After work, I will not turn on the TV as soon as I walk in the door, I will do two minutes of deep breathing exercises.
        • I will park one extra block away.
      5. Commit to a starting date - For example:
        • By September 30, each day after work, I will not turn on the TV as soon as I walk in the door, I will do two minutes of deep breathing exercises.
        • By October 15, I will park one extra block away and increase my participation.



    By When

    1. Before Work



    1. During Work



    1. After Work



    1. Before Bedtime



    1. Weekly



    1. Monthly



    1. Yearly




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    Follow these links to Find Out More

      Features an interactive plan to help visitors choose the correct foods and their amounts (from the U.S. Department of Agriculture).
    • Center for Weight and Health
      Presents tools and materials related to weight management, body image, and physical activity. Includes a list of programs for overweight children.
    • American Heart Association
      Provides helpful tracking tools and resources to promote good health.
      Provides a credible source of accurate health-related information (from the Department of Health and Human Services).
    • Mayo Clinic
      Offers reliable nutrition and health information. Under Healthy Living section, there is a section on Working Life.
      Begin your journey to a higher level of wellness with the Wellness Inventory: Whole Person Assessment Program.