Marc Bayangos, Arts, Media, and Entertainment (AME) teacher at Balboa High School

What I love is seeing students take their skills to other places that I could not foresee, and learning from them.

Marc Bayangos

Arts, Media, and Entertainment (AME) Teacher, Balboa High School

Chris Tsukida, Director of Community Schools at SFUSD

My hope is to lift the capacity of schools so that we can further support the needs of our community based on what they want to see in schools.

Chris Tsukida

Director of Community Schools

Grace Liao, 12th grader at Lincoln High School

I help out at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary, where I went to elementary school, and I love giving back to my community and helping the kids grow.

Grace Liao

12th Grade, Abraham Lincoln High School

Kena Hazelwood, SFUSD LGBTQ Student Services Coordinator

I am creating the programs that I wish existed when I was a student in SFUSD.

Kena Hazelwood

LGBTQ Student Services Coordinator

Kingsley Yee, Personal Finance Specialist at SFUSD

This is a really great time to make sure our students are ready to be adults with personal finance education to help them make the right decisions.

Kingsley Yee

SFUSD Personal Finance Specialist

John D'Antonio, Assistant Principal at Visitacion Valley Middle School

Everyone from teachers, community partners, paraeducators, and our security team are willing and able to do what is necessary to support our kids and get their basic needs met.

John D’Antonio

Assistant Principal, Visitacion Valley Middle School

Abby Taheri Woodworth, Teacher Librarian at McKinley Elementary School

My favorite part of my work is seeing how incredibly excited students get about the library, reading, finding out new things, and thinking critically.

Abby Taheri Woodworth

Teacher Librarian, McKinley Elementary School

Kosi Anibuko, 8th grader at Alice Fong Yu Alternative School at the African American Honor Roll and Community Awards Celebration

I want to tell my peers to not give up on their goals. It’ll be worth it in the end to work hard now.

Kosi Anibuko

8th Grader and 4.0 Student, Alice Fong Yu Alternative School

Julian Ow, kindergartener at Garfield Elementary School

I like playing in the school yard, my classroom, doing art with my teacher, and learning about space.

Julian Ow

Kindergarten, Garfield Elementary School

Amy Kwong, an SFUSD alum

My elementary school teachers at Lau influenced me to want to work with children. I’m glad I get to go back to the school and volunteer.

Amy Kwong

Lau, Francisco, and Galileo Alum

Kharey Riley, Student Advisor at Redding Elementary School

Working at a school is a family business and I’m with a group of people who love being here.

Kharey Riley

Student Advisor, Redding Elementary School

Rosalia Lopez, Teacher on Special Assignment teaching ninth grade health at George Washington High School

Ninth graders are very special humans who have taught me so much about being organized, structured and the importance of having a healthy sense of humor.

Rosalia Lopez

Teacher on Special Assignment teaching ninth grade health at George Washington High School

Karimah Arnold, HR Staffing Analyst at SFUSD

As an SFUSD student, I was lucky enough to have brilliant teachers who provided me with the foundation for my career and now as a recruiter, I am able to make sure teachers like them can continue to teach in SFUSD.

Karimah Arnold

HR Staffing Analyst

Nancy Lima, SFUSD substitute and parent of a 1st grade Bilingual Spanish class student at Spring Valley Elementary

It’s so important for me, especially as an immigrant, for my daughter to go to school in San Francisco where there is so much diversity.

Nancy Lima

SFUSD substitute and parent of a 1st grade Bilingual Spanish class student at Spring Valley Elementary

Crystal White, secretary at George Washington Carver Elementary School

I was born and raised around the corner from Carver. My children attended Carver, and for the past 16 years I have worked there where I take care of the students and staff. I love all of it.

Crystal White

Secretary, George Washington Carver Elementary School

Erica Wong, a third grade teacher at Redding Elementary School

I was a student at Spring Valley, so it’s nice to come back to the community where I grew up and learn from the families that are now here.

Erica Wong

3rd Grade Teacher, Redding Elementary School

Katie Baillie, head counselor at Wallenberg High School

We are able to build relationships with students at such a crucial time in their lives where they need guidance and support to step into their futures.

Katie Baillie

Head Counselor, Raoul Wallenberg High School

Gilberto SilvaCortes, 12th grader at Mission High School

Learning a new language is about connecting people.

Gilberto SilvaCortes

12th Grade, Mission High School

Shwanda Madison, Leader for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Invitae & SFUSD alumnae

San Francisco public schools taught me how to carve out my own piece of the tech boom - Kids should know: I can do this and I don't have to change...I can show up wholeheartedly.

Rayshawnda Madison

Leader for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Invitae and SFUSD Alumnae (Carver Elementary and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle)

Josiah Tom, 12th grade student at Lincoln High School

I grew up surrounded by teachers, but doing my internship at Stevenson Elementary made me want to be a teacher - I liked how much I could learn from kids, grow patience with them, and see them grow as people.

Josiah Tom

12th Grade, Lincoln High School

Sara Liebert, Principal at John Muir Elementary School

One of the reasons I’ve been at Muir for 13 years is that the community really cares for each other and has a positive energy.

Sara Liebert

Principal, John Muir Community Elementary School

Aaron Washington, an SFUSD alum

The best part about going to school in SFUSD was meeting people of so many different cultures and experiencing diversity in the classroom.

Aaron Washington

SFUSD Alum (El Dorado ES, Visitacion Valley MS, Balboa HS)

Galileo student Nancy Galicia posing at her summer construction class at John O'Connell High School

I really like math and decided to take both Geometry and Algebra II in the same year, which has helped me practice how to multi-task.

Nancy Galicia

11th Grade, Galileo Academy of Science and Technology

Joanne Yen, SFUSD Class of 2022 Alum

My experiences in high school fueled my passion to support others and helped me discover potential career paths aligning with community empowerment.

Joanne Yen

Class of 2022, Abraham Lincoln High School

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