Shari Balisi, Principal at Abraham Lincoln High School

Our students are our core and we will get through this because of their energy which keeps us going every day.

Shari Balisi

Principal, Abraham Lincoln High School

John Murphy

I like being a substitute for the freedom and the excitement of every day.

John Murphy

Substitute Teacher

Rita Molloy

I went to McAteer High School back in the 80s - education makes sense in the trajectory of my life and I want to give back by working with teens, especially in career technical education.

Rita Molloy

Career Pathways Specialist

Tanya Harris, Assistant Principal at Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School

I am so proud and encouraged by SFUSD’s commitment and dedication to our students.

Tanya Harris

Assistant Principal, Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School

Eric Harper, an RSP Special Education and Outdoor Education Teacher at Independence High School

SFUSD gives me the opportunity to show my students San Francisco, and not just in a classroom.

Eric Harper

RSP Special Education and Outdoor Education Teacher, Independence High School

Anita Alonzo, a 12th grader at Downtown High School

It’s nice that we’re doing something to help the community by building a playground through the Wilderness Arts Literacy Collaborative (WALC).

Anita Alonzo

12th Grade, Downtown High School

Catherine Arenson

We’re a neighborhood school serving the Excelsior District and community and have so many deep traditions.

Catherine Arenson

Principal, Balboa High School

Patricia Barraza, SFUSD Alum

I am a constant advocate for young adults moving into their careers in SFUSD.

Patricia Barraza


Lisa Richardson, Family Liaison at Malcolm X Academy

What I love about SFUSD is the diversity and that people from so many different cultures come together.

Lisa Richardson

Family Liaison, Malcolm X Academy

Erica Lingrell, Program Administrator at the Student and Family Services Division of SFUSD

I love being of service to students, staff, and families and writing lesson plans and curating curriculum to support social emotional learning.

Erica Lingrell

Program Administrator, Student and Family Services Division

Tobias Cain, a security aide from Marshall Elementary School, poses in front of a wall at the SFUSD central office

Every day, I go to school and can work and play - it doesn’t even feel like work.

Tobias Cain

Security Aide at Marshall Elementary School

Matt Valdez, SFUSD Alum

I’m hopeful that if we can show youth that we care about them and we are here to support them, they can develop into the amazing leaders of tomorrow that we so desperately need.

Matt Valdez


Esther Fensel, Principal at Everett Middle School, wears a mask and holds up an Everett t-shirt

Our priorities are keeping our students safe, building community and connection with our students, and making sure that every student is sharing their thinking.

Esther Fensel

Principal, Everett Middle School

Geraldine Punzalan, a school social worker at James Denman Middle School

I try to end the stigma of talking about mental health and wellness by normalizing those conversations - that’s my way of talking to our youth.

Geraldine Punzalan

School Social Worker, James Denman Middle School

Joyce Truong, an alum from Lincoln High School

Wellness Ambassadors is a group of students focusing on supporting our peers’ wellness. Last year we created videos for the school and district addressing social justice issues.

Joyce Truong

Alum (Class of 2021), Abraham Lincoln High School

George Ghanayem, a student at Mission High School

I joined Foodwise Teens because I wanted to learn how to cook, learn customer service skills, and get better with socializing with others.

George Ghanayem

Student, Mission High School

Gary W. Johnson, Athletic Director at Wallenberg High School stands in front of trophy case at school

I’m glad to be part of a school where our students exhibit excellence and pride in what they do.

Gary W. Johnson

Athletic Director, Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School

Marcus Christmas, Wellness Coordinator at John O'Connell High School

"I want to meet students where they see themselves and build from there with each student who I encounter."

Marcus Christmas

Wellness Coordinator, John O'Connell High School

Image of Ben Klaus, Principal at Jose Ortega Elementary School

We are excited to help students rebuild the relationship they have with school from the home context and back to the community of a school learner’s context.

Ben Klaus

Principal, Jose Ortega Elementary School

Headshot of Courtney LaKroix, an SFUSD staff member

My role involves serving as a thought partner and collaborator with teachers and staff with the goal of improving our school's outcomes for students.

Courtney LaKroix

Instructional Reform Facilitator, James Lick Middle School

A picture of John Dixon, a teacher at A.P. Giannini Middle School, in his home during distance learning

Each individual is important to this community - like a puzzle, if just one person, piece, is missing, this whole image is incomplete.

John Dixon

Special Education Teacher, A.P. Giannini Middle School

A teacher holds a sign that says "Every"

I am proud to be in a school community where we believe in each and every child's brilliance and power while overcoming challenges together.

Lily Chen

National Board Certified Teacher, Kindergarten Cantonese Biliteracy, Jean Parker Elementary School

James, a third grader, wears a chef's hat and coat

Someday, I want to learn how to cook, so I can create my own recipes and write a cookbook.


3rd Grader at Rooftop PreK-8 School

8th grade student posing for a photo

Fifth grade was one of my funniest years and when I grew the most as a student. I will never forget poetry night and our camping trip.


8th grader at Rooftop PreK-8 School

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