Cheryl DeSanti, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

I began my SFUSD career as an elementary school secretary and those daily tasks exposed me to the true meaning of diversity, fearlessness and social justice.

Cheryl DeSanti

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Jett, Student Delegate, Lowell High School

I was close to the previous Board of Education student delegates from Lowell, and they inspired me to “go for it.” As a Student Delegate, I will try and be a role model by being honest and a friend


Student Delegate, Lowell High School

George Saunders

Equity is at the center of everything I do, ensuring every child has equal access to instruction in the classroom.

George Saunders

First Grade Teacher, Tenderloin Community Center

Tamitrice Rice Mitchell

I know from my experience as an early education administrator and principal at Drew that it’s possible to change the game for students and their families in neighborhoods like the Bayview.

Tamitrice Rice Mitchell

Assistant Superintendent, Cohort 3

Principal Eric Guthertz

For me, it always goes back to the students. I’ve been here for a long time--18 years--as a teacher, a counselor, instructional coach and then principal for the last 11 years.

Eric Guthertz, Principal at Mission High School

Sydnie in front of pink wall covered with letters

I grew a lot at Galileo. Participating in sports and student government gave me more confidence to take on anything after I graduated.

Sydnie Lee, Alumni of Galileo High School Class of 2010

Kaelynjoy, kindergartner at Malcolm X Academy

I love my friends, I love my school and I even love gymnastics! I get to do homework. I love homework. The thing I love most is everyone at this school!

Kaelynjoy, Kindergartner at Malcolm X Academy

Raoul Wallenberg High School student Mahnoor Wani

I came here four years ago from Pakistan and my teachers have been helping me prepare for college. I want to study pre-med or biology. My plan is to become a neurosurgeon.

Mahnoor Wani, 11th grader at Raoul Wallenberg High School

High school student Kyle from Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

My friend Grace and I started a student-led environmental club and it really took off. The first year we had 12 students, this year we have 40.

Kyle, Ruth Asawa SOTA

Landon Dickey

We have an obligation as a school district to ensure that each and every one of our students has access to a high quality educational experience.

Landon Dickey

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