What Is Early Education

Who We Are

The Early Education Department (EED) of the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) has been serving children proudly since 1943. Started during World War II to help working mothers find childcare, the EED has evolved over the last seven decades to become far more developmentally enriching than its early role. Today, we educate over 4,500 children annually, including  preschoolers, transitional kindergarteners, as well as afterschool students to ensure quality educational experiences. San Francisco’s rich ethnic, cultural and linguistic tapestry is well represented in our student population, and we design our curricula and programs to accommodate their incredible diversity.

Children and their families can take advantage of our unique programs and enrichment activities in schools throughout the city five days a week. Our teaching staff brings years of experience and inspiring talent to every classroom, whether your child is enrolled in PreK, TK or Out-of-School Time (OST).

This page was last updated on May 17, 2022