Family Technology Information: Internet Access

Need Help Getting Online?

SFUSD has learned that the emergency funding that provided students with hotspots during the pandemic has dried up and will not be renewed. The District is currently reviewing its options. While every effort will be made to continue to provide hotspots for students identified as having the greatest needs, hotspots for many students will be turned off sometime this school year, and those hotspots will need to be collected by their school sites. Details will be publicized once they are finalized.

Meanwhile, families are encouraged to explore alternative options for free and reduced cost internet. Two permanently funded options that can provide affordable, high-speed, internet for an entire household are are described below. Eligible families may take advantage of these options, even if they are already paying for internet on their own.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) - Free or Reduced-Cost Internet

Is a student in your household eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch at school, as established in the Multipurpose Family Income Form? Is anyone in your household eligible for SNAP, Medical, WIC, or certain other federal programs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if your income is a certain level compared to the number of people in your household, you may qualify for free or reduced-cost internet from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)!

The ACP is a permanent, federally funded program that is being promoted by the City of San Francisco and SFUSD. You may qualify even if you are already paying for internet. To learn if you are eligible and get started with your application, visit The website just mentioned even includes live chat assistance in English and Spanish, from 9:00 - 5:00 on weekdays. 

Need support with the application process? The SFUSD Student Family School Resource Link is here to help! Call 415.340.1716, or email

Free Fiber-to-Housing Program

If you live in a San Francisco public housing community, you may already have access to free Internet/WiFi. Please visit the City’s Fiber to Housing Program website to learn more about Internet/WiFi availability in your community.

Other Low-Cost Internet Options

Several internet providers have low-cost offerings.  The options listed below are provided for informational purposes and are not endorsed by SFUSD. Families can also search for low-cost internet options in their neighborhood at

These options are among those currently available:

  • Comcast Internet Essentials - $9.95/month, for qualifying families
  • Monkeybrains - $35/month, billed four times per year (approximately $105 per bill), with no contract
  • T Mobile Project 10Million - One free T-Mobile hotspot device and 100GB/year data for 5 years per household for students eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch at school



How to Use a Hotspot

If you are an SFUSD student who received a district-issued hotspot: 

Additional Information

  • There is no data limit on the hotspot. 
  • Internet service through a hotspot is dependent on cellular coverage. Many factors can impact the speed and quality of internet service on a hotspot. SFUSD has limited capacity to troubleshoot wifi connectivity issues with hotspots. If you are having issues with your hotspot, we recommend you start with our hotspot troubleshooting guide, and if that doesn’t help, contact the Student Family School Resource Link. (Call 415.340.1716, or email
  • All students and families who borrow SFUSD technology must abide by the Student Acceptable Use Policy for technology. Violations of the agreement may result in disciplinary action or a discontinuation of technology access.

This page was last updated on October 30, 2023