Adults, Come Dine with SNS!

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Did you know adults at school sites (teachers, admin, other staff) can purchase breakfast and lunch?

Come to your dining area for a healthy and delicious meal. One of the benefits of being an adult at a school site is access to affordable meals and being greeted by our amazing dining staff!

Please note: Student Nutrition Services has updated the way that adults can dine on school campuses, and we are now a cashless system.

We encourage any adult interested in dining with us for breakfast or lunch to come prepared with a SchoolCafe account that has funds already loaded. 

How to Arrive Prepared:

  1. You’ll need to make a SchoolCafe account.
  2. Add funds to your account at least 24 hours in advance.
  3. Make note of your Meal Pin (Found in SchoolCafe in your My Cafeteria profile).
  4. Check out the menu at your school.
  5. Don’t forget to bring your smiles!

If you have other questions, please see our most common Frequently Asked Questions on our Adult Meal landing page or email us at

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