Adult Meal FAQ


Come Dine With SNS 

Did you know adults at school sites (Teachers, Admin, other Staff) can purchase breakfast and lunch? Come to the dining area for a healthy and delicious meal today. One of the benefits of being an adult at a school site is access to affordable meals and being greeted by our amazing dining staff!

How to Arrive Prepared:

  1. You’ll need to make a SchoolCafe account.
  2. Add funds to your account at least 24 hours in advance
  3. Make note of your Meal Pin (Found in SchoolCafe in your My Cafeteria profile)
  4. Check out the menu at your school
  5. Don’t forget to bring your smiles!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can adults (teachers, admin, staff, volunteers) eat meals for free?

The USDA and San Francisco Unified School District do not allow adults (Teachers, Admin, Staff, Volunteers)  to eat meals for free. Meals are offered to adults at a below-market rate. Adult meal prices can be found posted in the dining space. If you can’t find the posted prices, please email

How do adults pay for their meals?

As of August 2023, SFUSD Student Nutrition Services is only accepting payment for Adult Meals through a SchoolCafe account. Find instructions on how to create a SchoolCafe account. Once a Staff Account is created, a Meal Pin will be generated for you. You will need to input that Meal Pin at the time of service for dining staff to confirm your account balance. Please note: funds may take 24 hours to appear in your account, so please add funds ahead of time.

If the lunch period is almost over, can adults take one of the leftover meals?

Unfortunately, the USDA does not allow adults to take free meals at any point during meal service or afterward, this also includes all food on the Share Table. If Student Nutrition Services has unaccounted for meals, we do not get reimbursed for those meals. In addition to not being reimbursed, the funds for the meals taken without payment come from the District General Fund and therefore have a negative impact on school site funding. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Are adults allowed to take food placed on the Share Table?

Food placed on the Share Table is intended for student use only; adults are not permitted to take items from the Share Table. If you would like a meal, please purchase one from our dining staff.

If an adult doesn’t have a SchoolCafe account, can they pay for their meal at a later time?

SFUSD does not allow adults to take a meal without payment at the time of service. If you don’t have an account when you arrive at the dining space our dining staff will not be able to accept any other form of payment. We appreciate your patience and understanding with our team!

What do adults need at the point of service to take their meals?

You will need to have a SchoolCafe account with available funds already in your account. In addition to having funds in your account, you will also need to have your Meal Pin ready to input.

Can’t create your employee account in SchoolCafe?

  • It's not accepting the school I'm working at:
  • It's not accepting the school ID (please enter your employee ID):  
  • It's not accepting the employee ID  (enter employee ID with leading zero):
  • You’re assigned to multiple schools
  • Your school site changed recently 
  • You’re a Central Office leader who is not assigned to a school
  • You’re not a district employee (ex. Contractors do not have an employee ID #)
  • You’re a volunteer, parent, or other non-employee

For any of the above scenarios, please email or call 415.749.3604

Enjoy Your Meal!

We want you to have a positive dining experience with us, thank you for coming to visit.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to Student Nutrition Services at

This page was last updated on September 7, 2023