Charter Schools Oversight Committee

SFUSD Charter Schools Oversight Committee (CSOC)

Please note that effective November 2023, the SFUSD charter oversight committee is no longer convening.



In September 2018, the Board of Education adopted the SFUSD Charter Schools Oversight Resolution - "In Support of Increased Oversight, Transparency, and Accountability for Charter Schools In Relation to Fiscal, Educational, and Socio-Emotional Impacts on SFUSD Students."

The Resolution established a Charter Schools Oversight Committee that is open to community participation, and which specifically reviews the following:

  1. Demographics of students served at each charter school, disaggregated by subgroup; 
  2. Demographics of students who leave each charter school each year disaggregated by subgroup; 
  3. Demographics of students retained year to year, by grade-level, at each charter school, disaggregated by subgroup; 
  4. Teacher credentialing and “proper assignment" and retention rates at each charter school; 
  5. Parent and staff representation in charter school governance; 
  6. The reasons for student transfer to SFUSD from charter schools, where applicable; 
  7. The provision of services to the charter school’s students with IEPs by the school's Special Education Local Plan Area; and
  8. Investigations of complaints received by SFUSD concerning the charter schools.

CSOC Roster for 2021-2022

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Agenda & Minutes for 2022-2023

June 20, 2023: Agenda / Minutes

May 23, 2023: Agenda / Minutes

April 17, 2023: Agenda / Minutes

March 20, 2023: Agenda / Minutes

February 28, 2023: Agenda / Minutes

October 19, 2022: Agenda / Minutes

September 21, 2022: Agenda / Minutes

July 20, 2022: Agenda / Minutes

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