High School Science

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Not an SFUSD teacher? We have created documents to show at a basic level how we have adapted existing curriculum to meet our Scope and Sequences. See Visitors' Access to Core Curriculum for more details.​

High School Science Courses

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Information for Teachers and the Public

Learn more about SFUSD Science on our main Science page.  Focused on high school?  Visit our high school science page

Science Safety

We want to make sure that all students are able to engage in science laboratory experiences safely.  Teachers may choose to have students and families sign safety contracts and send letters home to families. 

High School Science Team

High School Science Core Curriculum

Renée Marcy, Supervisor: marcyr@sfusd.edu 

Eric Lewis, Secondary Content Specialist: lewise2@sfusd.edu 

Priscilla Perez, Secondary Content Specialist: perezp2@sfusd.edu 

Katrina Rotter, Chemistry Content Specialist

David Barrios, Physics Content Expert

Dawn Rege, Biology Content Expert

Theresa Hall, Science Resource Center Manager: hallt1@sfusd.edu 

Secondary Extended Learning, Garden Science and Outdoor Learning 

Vanessa Carter, Program Administrator: carterv@sfusd.edu

Carolyn Gencarella, Curriculum Consultant: gencarellac@sfusd.edu

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