University of Pacific Units

Eligibility Requirements

You must be an Induction candidate to earn semester units through our partnership with University of the Pacific (UOP).



Enrollment Process

Enrollment in UOP is for Induction teachers’ active participation and work in completing the SIP Induction program this school year. The cost is $80 per unit. Please click on the links below for registration information, to view course titles and number of units offered per course.

Please register and submit payment directly to UOP by February 11, 2021. Please plan and budget accordingly​, ​as we are unable to offer courses retroactively. You are only able to enroll in a course during this time frame​,​ while you are an active participant in SIP Induction.

To satisfy the course requirements, your ILP will need to be scored as "Complete" after the May 7, 2021 ILP deadline.


UOP Directions for Induction Candidates

UOP Registration Form

This page was last updated on June 28, 2022