Welcome to the Balboa High School PTSA!

Upcoming February Family Meeting: Summer Opportunities—Feb 27th

Presenters include MYEEP (Mayor's Youth Employment and Education Program) and other community-based organizations who come bringing news of summer opportunities for students. 

We will also be recruiting for executive board positions at Bal PTSA for next year. Come join us to support Bal!

FUF green teen program
There are many summer opportunities in San Francisco, like this vocational skills program run by Friends of the Urban Forest for students interested in environmental jobs


Past Events

January General Family Meeting Topic: Pathways

Attendees of this General Family meeting heard about Bal's unique Pathways program. As sophomores, students choose a Pathway for their Junior and Senior year. There are five Pathways: PULSE—Peers United for Leadership, Service, and Equity; GD—Game Design; WALC—Wilderness, Arts and Literacy Collaborative; Law; and CAST–Creative Arts for Social Transformation.

December Family Meeting Topic: Stress Management & Wellness

The Dean and FRESH Specialist shared helpful resources and suggestions to manage stress.

Balboa Healthy Relationships PTSA Mtg

October Family Meeting Topic: Supporting Teens with Healthy Relationships

Presentation from our Health classroom & AVID.

September Family Meeting Topic: College Room

College Room Presentation can be found here

General information about the PTSA

Who We Are

Bal's PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Administrator) is a volunteer-run non-profit that raises and distributes funds to in-house groups supporting students, teachers, and administrators of Balboa High School. 

Contact: Email
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2023-2024 calendar thumbnail

PTSA Calendar for the second semester of the '23-24 school year

There are two kinds of PTSA meetings: General Family and Board. General Family meetings (in bold) are held in the Buccaneer Room for the benefit of the Bal community. Board meetings are for the PTSA board and are held online.


  • Tues, Jan 9, 2024: Board
  • Tues, Jan 30: General Family Meeting 
  • Tues, Feb 13: Board
  • Tues, Feb 27: General Family Meeting
  • Tues, Mar 12: Board
  • Tues, Mar 26: General Family Meeting
  • Tues, Apr 16: Board
  • Tues, Apr 30: General Family Meeting
  • Tues, May 14: Board
  • Late MayPTSA-sponsored Staff Appreciation Luncheon

General Family Meetings for the Balboa Community

All General Family Meetings are open to the Balboa community—students, parents, and staff— and are held at 6:00pm in the Buccaneer Room at Balboa High School. They cover a wide variety of topics and are for the benefit of our Bal community. A light dinner is served, and attendees get community hours*!

Board Meetings

We also have PTSA Board Meetings somewhat monthly at which we approve funding requests and take care of other business of the PTSA. 

If you'd like to join our board meetings to see what is going on with Bal, we'd love to have you. Email us for a link to the zoom meeting (or about anything else). 

*Each year, Bal students are required to do 25 hours of community service.

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