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About Student Nutrition Services

Student Nutrition Services (SNS) is committed to providing students the equitable support they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond, by keeping them nourished along the way. 

Need assistance? Contact us, we're here to help. Call 415-340-1716 or email

Thanks to California Meals for All, all school meals will continue to be offered for free to all students in the 2024-25 school year.

Visit for more information.

Additional Information and Resources

Meals for School Staff

Meals are available for purchase for SFUSD Staff. Set up an account at following these instructions. Upload money online or provide a check to your Dining Staff.

Field Trip Meals

Bagged lunches can be requested for field trips. Information on the Field Trip Communication Process can be found in the At-a-Glance Field Trip Guide. Please visit the Field Trip Transportation Services webpage for more information. Bag lunch requests must be approved by your school administrator two weeks in advance.

Breakfast in the Classroom Resources

This Breakfast in the Classroom Resources Google Drive folder houses up-to-date resources for teachers and school staff at sites with Breakfast in the Classroom. Resources include: recorded BIC school staff training, training powerpoint, Recology posters, student breakfast roles, best practices, complete breakfast cheat sheets, and more!

Multipurpose Family Income Form (MFIF)

  • View MFIF Key Dates
  • MFIF toolkit to increase your school funding and help families access other benefits
  • Families can apply online for school eligibility benefits at
  • You can now assist families by submitting the form on their behalf! On, enter San Francisco USD under "Need to Create an Account?" and click "Go to my District". On the next page, click "Apply for Benefits (as a guest)".
  • Go to Synergy to view report #58 (Students MFIF not on File), which includes parent contact information.
  • View Instructions & Tips for families (provided in English, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese).
  • A small number of paper forms will be available at each school site.
  • The school meals program does not apply to the “public charge” rule. School meals are available regardless of citizenship status. A social security number is not required. Contact the Student Family Resource Line at or 415-340-1716 with questions.
  • SNS cannot share student’s eligibility with staff. Student eligibility must be kept confidential and only be used for educational purposes. SFUSD Board of Education policy limits the sharing of student data.

Student PIN Numbers

For the 23-24 SY, PIN Numbers are needed for students at McAteer, Balboa, Burton, Downtown, Galileo, Jordan, Lincoln, Lowell, Mission, O’Connell, SF International, Thurgood Marshall, Wallenberg, and Washington High Schools. Please keep Meal PINs confidential.

Use Synergy to look up student PIN numbers: 

  • For Individual Student Info: Synergy SIS > Student > Student portal > "Other Info" Tab >  "Student Nutrition Services" Find the Meal PIN field and provide it to the student in a way that they can save it securely.
  • For a Full Roster: SFU > Student Programs > SNS > U-SNS-202: Class List with Meal PIN 

See full instructions for How to Find Meal PIN or Barcode at this link.

School Meal Resources for Administrators and Employees

Free & Reduced School Data

You can use the Free & Reduced Data report to track your progress for this school year.

This page was last updated on March 26, 2024