Elementary Health Education

A Closer Look

What's Covered in Elementary Health

Elementary Educators are required to teach at least 20 health lessons a year. We recommend teachers teach 3 or more lessons in each of the 7 health categories:

  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Injury Prevention and Safety
  • Personal and Community Health
  • Alcohol Tobacco and other Drugs
  • LGBTQ, Family Diversity, and Gender
  • Growth and Development
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity



Teachers, please use our SEL and Health Lessons Portal to find Health and SEL Lessons

Recommended Curricula: SFUSD recommends the following curricula for Health and SEL lessons:

Second Step

ETR Healthsmart

Planned Parenthood for puberty lessons.

Social and Emotional Learning

Teach Health and Social Emotional Learning in your class. Elementary teachers can reference our SEL and Health Education Resource Guide. Please also visit the Social Emotional Learning pages for in-depth resources on that subject.

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