Mentoring for Success Staff

Meet our District Coordinators

Erin Farrell, LCSW, PPSC is a School Social Worker with experience in program management & coordination, mentoring, primary healthcare, mental health, and family services. Ms. Farrell has coordinated the program since 2007.

Laurie Vargas-Zeuschner, M.S., PPSC is a Wellness Counselor with experience in the areas of advocacy, program management & coordination, mental health, consultation, and case management. Ms. Vargas-Zeuschner has assisted in the development and implementation of counseling activities as well as providing professional development on a variety of topics and has coordinated the program since 2010.

As the District Coordinators for Mentoring for Success, Erin and Laurie are responsible for training and supporting the site-based coordinators; developing outreach and training events for mentors; linking to community partners, program evaluators, and disseminating evaluation findings.

Site Coordinators

At each of our partner schools, there is an MFS Site Coordinator. This person is typically the School Social Worker or Wellness Coordinator. The role of the Site Coordinator is to recruit and orient mentors along with student mentees. They host Monthly Activities as well as provide Match Support to mentors and/or mentees. 

Each MFS Site Coordinator is responsible for obtaining the consent of family members and maintaining a spreadsheet of all participants. Site Coordinators have been trained in all aspects of the Mentoring for Success program.

Healthy Choices AmeriCorps Members

In partnership with Healthy Choices AmeriCorps, members assist the Site Coordinators at select partner schools with the programmatic running of Mentoring for Success. Under the direct supervision of the Site Coordinator, Healthy Choices AmeriCorps members participate in the orientation and ongoing match support that is provided. 

This page was last updated on June 28, 2021