Match Activity Ideas in School

Match Activity Ideas in School

Activities are a great way to do something with purpose while deepening the connection between the mentor and mentee. Below are engaging activities for the mentoring pair. They are organized by the Relationship Cycle.

Building Trust

During this stage, the mentor and mentee work on planning meetings and getting to know each other. First impressions are made and boundaries are set. The mentor will start to recognize strengths in their mentee and the two of them will learn to communicate with one another.

Exploring Possibilities

• Choose activities
• Explore interests
• Set realistic goals
• Rethink first impressions
• Bridge differences

This stage occurs when pairs begin to choose activities to do together. This includes exploring interests and setting realistic goals. In this stage, the mentoring pair will start to rethink first impressions as mentor and mentee are getting to know each other.

Navigating Rough Spots

• Mentee may start pulling away
• Uncomfortable feelings may arise
• Remain committed
• Seek outside support
• Clarify boundaries

In this stage, the mentee may begin to pull away from the mentor. Uncomfortable feelings often arise as the mentee is often testing boundaries. In this stage, it becomes increasingly important for the mentor to remain committed to the match and seek outside support from the Mentor Coordinator or others.

Continuing the Cycle

• Reflect on Goals
• Celebrate accomplishments
• Deeper bond and connection formed
• Prepare for closure or return to Exploring Possibilities or Navigating Rough Spots

In this stage, the mentor and mentee begin to reflect on their goals and celebrate their accomplishments. A deeper bond and connection is formed between the mentor and mentee. If the formal relationship end, the pair prepares for closure. If the match continues, they return to state two or three.

This page was last updated on June 28, 2021