by Joel Balzer


Out of your fears, out of your dreams,
All your hard work, was it worth what it seems?
You cross over a bridge on that yellow brick road,
What will you find?  Does anyone know?
Tomorrow’s dawn remains covered in mist,
But stop for a moment

– I can promise you this:
I can promise you hard times, you will fail and stall
When you aim for the stars, sometimes you fall.
You will invest your sweat in ships that go down
But only by those who seek will treasure be found
I can promise you tears, sweet sisters and brothers,
You'll give your heart others who unworthy you’ll discover
But if you get up, if you step out again,
I can promise you: new life waits in the wind.
I can promise you joy and I can promise you more,
But to find that hope you gotta walk through that door
Tomorrow’s dawn remains hidden in mist
But open hearts and love for you is my wish


(Originally written for the Class of 2016 – Joel Balzer, May 23, 2016)

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