Mustang Battalion

Duties and Responsibilities of the Battalion Command and Staff

Battalion Commander: 

The battalion commander (BNCO) is the most demanding position in the battalion. This cadet is selected for their demonstration of leadership and excellence academics. This appointed cadet is highest in command in the battalion staff and thus obligated to effectively delegate authority and supervise his/her staff. This cadet is highly respectable and must have precise decision making capabilities to solve problems that affect the entire battalion corps, as well as be mature enough to accept responsibility when circumstances occur. This cadet commands the staff through the battalion executive officer and holds final approval on all decisions.

Battalion Executive Officer:

The battalion executive officer (BNXO) is the supervisor of the battalion staff and holds a responsibility over the quantity and quality of work they are assigned. This cadet makes sure that each staff fulfills the expectations of the battalion commander and ensures that no staff is slacking in their duties. This cadet also informs the battalion commander of the status of the staff's duties as well as informs the staff on the terms of the battalion commander. This cadet takes charge in the absence of the battalion commander.


Battalion Command Sergeant Major:

The battalion Command Sergeant major (BNCSM) is a designated senior non-commissioned officer and is entitled supervise the other non commissioned officers (NCOs) of the battalion and company. This cadet's responsibility is to inform company first sergeants of their tasks and duties and is also in charge of promotions within the battalion. 


Battalion Adjutant Officer (S-1)

The battalion S-1 (BNS1) is the battalion commander/senior army instructor's administrative assistant.This job includes clerical work such as filing paperwork and answering phone calls. The S-1 is responsible for keeping the official paperwork of the battalion and other administrative duties assigned by the battalion commander, battalion executive officer, or the senior army instructor.


Battalion Information/Security Officer (S-2)

The battalion S-2 (BNS2) assists the battalion commander and the instructor staff in matters pertaining to unit security and enforces the provisions of the security requirements for the battalion.


Battalion Training/Operations Officer (S-3)

The battalion S-3 (BNS3) assists the battalion commander in the preparation, conduct, and supervision of all training activities of the cadet battalion. Additionally, the S-3 keeps the commander advised on the progress of training within the battalion.


Battalion Supply/Logistics Officer (S-4)

The battalion S-4 (BNS4) is responsible for the maintenance, security, record keeping, issue, and turn-in of all JROTC property. The S-4 coordinates the securing of property with the S-2.


Battalion Projects/Marketing Officer (S-5)

The battalion S-5 (BNS5) plans and coordinates special projects as outlined by the cadet battalion commander, cadet battalion XO, or the instructor staff. He/she maintains records on all activities and coordination as they pertain to each project. Additionally, he/she keeps the cadet battalion commander, cadet battalion executive officer, and the instructor staff informed as to the progress of, or any problems encountered with, the projects.