Singing in a choir is a great place to build confidence, improve your mood, and reduce stress. Whether you are a professional or you just like casually singing along, everyone has a voice in choir. This standards-based class focuses on achieving proper singing techniques while exploring the world of music through music literacy, composition, history, theory, and culture. 


APG choir is composed of an Advanced level mixed ensemble, an Intermediate level treble ensemble, and an Intermediate level tenor-bass ensemble. These classes are available for 7th and 8th students. Students in these classes perform multiple times a year at many different venues around the city and Bay Area. 


Sixth-grade students can take choir for one quarter as part of the 6th Grade Arts Rotation. Students learn the basics of singing and how to sing multiple parts. There is a 6th grade concert with the band and orchestra at the end of the year that the choir rotation students can participate in. 


This page was last updated on November 1, 2023