APG Electives

Current Elective System

APG has a rich tradition of holistic teaching that includes a palette of  visual and performing arts. We are proud of our VAPA offerings and believe that students will be challenged, find value and grow in any of the disciplines. Middle school is a time to explore and try out new things that push comfort zones and inspire deeper learning.

Our current system is designed to support student choice. We ask for parents to support students’ selections by signing off on the form and acknowledging that students will get one of their four choices.

  • The elective forms are divided up by first choices to look at initial numbers.
  • Subsequently a process of analyzing 2nd and 3rd choices, gender, the needs of Special Education students, and social dynamics gets factored in to try and give everyone top choices.
  • It is impossible to give everyone their first choice and so the team tries to prioritize giving students one of their top selections.
  • Enrollment capacity varies for different electives which impacts the process as well.
  • We are working to look at our master calendar and selection process for subsequent years to be as responsive as possible to student interest. While we have taken note of students that are interested in other electives we are not currently switching any electives.

This page was last updated on May 3, 2022