Mission HS School Site Council

SSC Parent Council Meetings

Hello Mission Bear Parents and Guardians!

We invite all of our parents, guardians and students to participate in our (SSC) School Site Council during the 2023-24 school year!  Look for meeting announcements in your school email and by phone announcements. Thank you and we look forward to your participation!

¡Hola, padres y tutores de Mission Bear!

¡Invitamos a todos nuestros padres, tutores y estudiantes a participar en nuestro Consejo Escolar (SSC) durante el año escolar 2023-24! Busque los anuncios de las reuniones en el correo electrónico de su escuela y en los anuncios telefónicos. ¡Gracias y esperamos su participación!


我们邀请所有家长、监护人和学生在 2023-24 学年参加我们的 (SSC) 学校校园委员会!在学校电子邮件和电话公告中查找会议公告。谢谢您,我们期待您的参与!



This council is a great way for you to provide your input regarding student services and school program needs, teacher and classroom support,  resource ideas to help assist our families.

Please read our council description below and we look forward to your participation!

What is the (SSC) Parent Council? 

Mission High is proud to have an active SSC Council! This group is made up of parents, teachers, students, staff members, and community members. The council’s role is to help make decisions regarding our school budget, and schoolwide student services programs. 

What is the goal of the SSC? 

The goal of the SSC is to improve school services for our diverse population of students and families. 

During the meetings the council reviews funding for programs such as: 

*Teachers and instruction support 

*Library/media and technology services 

*Sports programs 

*Counseling /Student Academic Resources 

*Parent Education Services and more!

Our (ELAC) English Language Learners Parent Council serves in an advisory role to the SSC, in addition to other groups like PTSA and  the Student Advisory Council.

I would like to join but I have no prior experience serving on a school council? 

No worries! New and returning parent participants are guided on the information during the meetings.  Your input and support is most important as we work to serve our amazing school community!   

This page was last updated on August 21, 2023