World Dance

World Dance

World Dance at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts is a training ground for students to hone their skills as diverse movers, critical thinkers, arts activists and dance educators. Students will train in a variety of dance forms from around the world, as well as learn to use the elements of dance and various choreographic devices in order to develop their own work. Their physical training will also be met with an exploration of the social, cultural and political themes surrounding each dance form studied. In addition, students will have opportunities to perform, choreograph and share their work with each other, their families and community!

While prior dance training is encouraged, it is not a prerequisite to audition for the program. We seek students who love to dance and have a strong desire to learn about different dances from around the world!

Students interested in Ballet and Modern Dance, should check out the Conservatory Dance program.

World Dance Syllabus

This page was last updated on October 20, 2022