Our Community Partners

Community Partners

Wellness Centers serve as conduits for youth services throughout the city of San Francisco. Community-based organizations (CBOs) expand our capacity to reach students onsite with services targeting specific student populations and specific issues, such as grief and loss, substance use, reproductive health and healthy relationships.

Our primary CBO partner is Richmond Area Multi-Services (RAMS, Inc.), the core provider of behavioral health services for the Wellness Initiative. Each Wellness Center includes part-time or full-time RAMS counselors with extensive clinical expertise working with adolescents. RAMS has been providing services through the Wellness Centers since the first program sites were launched and currently serves more than 1,500 students annually.

We invite community-based organizations to our sites to provide additional services and also link students to public and private health-care providers throughout the city. We’ve formed collaborative partnerships with more than 50 San Francisco organizations, including health clinics and universities to provide specialized health services to our youth.

This page was last updated on June 8, 2022