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What is the Wellness Center?

The Wellness Center provides a safe, nonjudgmental environment in the school where students can go for support or a safe space.

Each Center is staffed by a:

  • Social worker
  • Community Health Worker
  • Therapist
  • Nurse

What Services does the Wellness Center Provide?

  • Check-ins, individual and group counseling and information around issues like depression, grief, relationships, social issues and substance use
  • Education about sexual health, as well as condoms and pregnancy testing
  • Referrals to health clinics and community resources
  • Classroom Wellness presentations and school-wide Wellness events

How Can I Help my Student get Services?

Think your teen is feeling down?

Changes in your teen’s behavior can be concerning. Look for these commons signs that they might need some support:

  • Feeling sad, hopeless, or irritable a lot of the time
  • Not wanting to do or enjoy doing fun things
  • Changes in eating patterns – eating a lot more or a lot less than usual
  • Sleeping a lot more or a lot less than normal
  • Changes in energy – being tired and sluggish or tense and restless a lot of the time
  • Having a hard time paying attention
  • Feeling worthless, useless, or guilty
  • Self-injury and self-destructive behavior
  • Thoughts of dying and/or suicide

Additional Resources

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